Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme


Wednesday 27th of June 3pm - 8pm
Thursday 28th of June 3pm - 9pm

Dores Parish Hall, Dores, Inverness IV2 6TR


Why Pump Storage

Between 2007 and 2015, the total installed capacity of renewables electricity in Scotland has more than doubled.  Due to its intermittent nature, the rise in renewable generation has resulted in increased demand for flexible capacity to help meet energy balancing requirements for the national grid system.

Pumped storage hydro is considered by the Directors to be the most developed and largest capacity form of grid energy storage that currently exists.  This can help reduce renewable energy curtailment and therefore promote grid stability.





The Project


Scheme Characteristics

Scheme Capacity = 300-400MW
Penstock Length = 2,650m
Max. Dam Height = 45m
Penstock Diameter = 6-8m
Headpond Working Volume = 5.4M m³
Power Cavern Size = 100m (l) x 40m (w) x 40m (h)

Potential Construction Programme

Application Process (Section 36 / 37 of the Electricity Act)

Designations & Constraints

Permissive Route & Core Paths

Likely Effects

  • Loss of habitat / protected species
  • Water Quality
  • Noise
  • Air Quality (dust)
  • Landscape and visual
  • Transport
  • Amenity, recreation and tourism

Relevant Statutory Bodies

  • SEPA
  • SNH
  • Historic Scotland
  • SSE
  • Energy Consents Unit
  • Recreational and Tourism

What Has Happened So Far?

What Happens Next?

  • Ongoing Consultation, Environmental Surveying and Community Engagement
  • Submission of Section 36 Application end of 2018

Community Ownership

The ILI Group will offer the local community an exciting opportunity to gain a stake in the Red John PSH project via community ownership. Local Energy Scotland, who are entirely independent from the ILI Group, can assist community members in various ways so as many as possible can get involved.

This includes support & advice through a network of local development officers, financial support via a range of loan and grant schemes plus access to their Infrastructure & Innovation Fund which provides grant funding for communities for innovative energy generation and storage solutions.
For more information please visit the Local Energy Scotland website

It should be noted that at present there is not yet a set value for community contribution for Pump Storage Hydro projects and we are currently awaiting Government advice on this.

We will update the relevant information when it is available to us.



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